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This FAQ was current October 1, 2008.  It will not be updated.  The links to other sites might be useful.

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HF General Information

What is Homeschool Friends?

What is HF?

What is HF-Homeschool-Friends?

Do I have to pay dues to join HF?

Is Homeschool Friends a co-op?

Does HF have parent meetings?  Does HF have membership cards?

I want to reach the homeschool market.  May I advertise my business to Homeschool Friends?  Can I advertise my homeschool materials for sale to HF?  Can I advertise my homeschool class to HF?

May I advertise my political cause/candidate to HF?

May I advertise my business or church activity for youths to HF?

What stuff is available at  the online group's Web site?

What is netiquette?  How does it apply to HF's online group?

Iím having trouble with the HF site or my Yahoo!Groups account. Who do I contact?

Who runs HF?

Homeschool Organizations

What is HERI?

  • HERI is the acronym  for Home Education Resources & Information.  It is a large homeschool organization serving Jacksonville area homeschool families.  HERI sponsors the Curriculum Convention held in Jacksonville each summer.  Click here to go to the HERI Web site.

Can I join HERI through Homeschool Friends?

  • No.

What is the Home Forum?

  • It's the monthly publication of HERI.

What is FPEA?

  • FPEA is the acronym for Florida Parent-Educators Association.  It is a statewide homeschool organization serving all of Florida.  FPEA sponsors the Homeschool Florida Convention held in Orlando each summer.  Click here to go to the FPEA Web site.

Can I join FPEA through Homeschool Friends?

  • No. However, if you join HERI then you will also be automatically joining FPEA.

What is the Almanac?

  • It's the quarterly publication of FPEA.

What is LIFE?

  • LIFE is the acronym for Learning Is For Everyone.  It is a home education organization that offers online resources for the state of Florida.  LIFE also sponsors an annual Celebration of Learning.  Click here to go to the LIFE Web site.

What is the HSLDA?

  • Home School Legal Defense Association.  If you want to join the HSLDA, you can get a discount by being a member of the FPEA.  Click here to go to the HSLDA Web site. 

Are there other legal homeschool organizations?

What is R.O.C.K. Solid? Where is it?

How do I find out about homeschool programs in Jacksonville?

  • The best way to stay up on homeschool programs is to be involved in homeschool support groups.  Many organizations offer homeschool programs and once you get on their mailing lists you will receive notifications about upcoming events.  You might also see advertisements.  However, just as in other areas of life, networking with other homeschool parents is the best way to keep current.  HF encourages members to share information with each other.  Members can post to the online group about events that would be of interest to other families.  

What is NatureScope?

General Information about Homeschooling

Does HF offer classes on how to homeschool?

  • No.  Many of our members can give "been there, done that" advice on homeschooling but we do not offer classes in how to start homeschooling.  You can go to seminars on how to homeschool at the HERI Curriculum Convention.  R.O.C.K. Solid also offers "how to" classes from time to time.  There are also many books about homeschooling.  You can check these books out at the library or bookstore.

How do I homeschool?

  • There is no single answer to this question.  There are a variety of styles and materials.  Don't get overwhelmed!  Attend a homeschool convention if you have the opportunity.  There are many books, magazines and Web sites to read.  To help you begin your research, here are a couple of online guides:

  • Getting Started in Homeschooling

  • Jon's Homeschool Resources

How do I find out the legal requirements for homeschooling in Florida?

Whatís the difference between registering with the county or signing up with a private school?

  • Registering with the county means you will follow the home education statutes. Technically, your children are under the district  superintendent in a home education program.  Registering with a private school means your children will not be considered homeschooled by the state.  Technically, your children are private school students.  See the sites listed above for pros and cons of each option.

How do I choose a curriculum?

  • It will depend on the needs of your children.  Also consider your teaching style and your family's budget.  Attending a homeschool convention will both help and bewilder you but it will allow you to look over materials.  Take advantage of support group meetings to learn from other homeschool parents and see their materials.  Here are some online guides:

    A to Z Home's Cool Choosing Curriculum

    Choosing Curriculum
    HomeSchool Tips

What is unschooling?

  • This is a type of homeschooling that does not rely on a curriculum.  Unschooling families follow the children's natural interests.  Life experiences provide the learning opportunities so there is no separation of school time and everything else.  Go to Unschooling.com to learn more about this approach.

Links to Local and State Resources

HERI (Home Education Resources & Information, Inc.)

FPEA (Florida Parent Educators Association)

R.O.C.K. Solid

Private Schools with Homeschool Options:

Alternative Education Institute

HEART Private School Directory

Private School Directory

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A to Z Home's Cool

Eclectic Homeschool Online

Home Education Magazine


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